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I loved the 64 GP when it hit the streets. I did
not pay much attention to the 65, but the 1966
GP really got my attention. The front end of a
GTO on steroids. The hidden tailights, 8 lug
wheels, what a ride.

This car was built for a customer, to his
specs. as the car his parents had when he
was growing up. No model kit company ever
made this car as a kit. This resin cast kit was
mastered by Mitch Thims
en in 1989 and
acquired by The Modelhaus. It was cast as a
promo type, meaning no opening hood or

I added plastruct strips to the roof
for the
vinyl roof pleats. The hood was cut opened,
and side supports built. The vinyl roof was
done with Modelmaster  2 part vinyl spray.
The car was air brushed with the correct
burgandy poly paint.

The engine in the real car had a 389ci. 4bbl.
333hp. with auto and air conditioning. This
car came with many versions of the 389 and
the 421. You could get a 4spd, and 3-2bbls on
either engine. I used the firewall and air
condition components from an AMT 68
Chevelle. Radiator support is modified 65
Catalina. The engine was wired and plumbed.

The inerior was completely detailed with foil
and the woodgrain is hand painted. The air
conditioning ports were scratch built. The 66
GP had an unusual one in the top of the dash,
looked like a mini hood scoop. The clear
steering wheel is 62 Catalina grafted to the
66 center. Automatic shifter is correct from
a 65 Pontiac 2+2.

The exterior was rubbed out and foiled
where required. The 8 lug wheels were
detail washed, and the grill backed out.
Clear windshield glue was added to the
parking lights for more realism. All script is
foiled using Bare Metal Foil.

The underside of the car was detailed with
Bare Metal Foil Matte Aluminum and sprayed
to  show the factory overspray. Exhaust ends
were added for the correct GP look. Enlarge
the pictures and look at this beauty. I wish
this would magically appear in my garage in 1
to 1 form.