Welcome to Gonzo's customer services. I specialize in
pro building 1/25th scale model cars. I also create some
very erotic figurines. Below is a list of some of the things
you can have done here at Gonzo's.

1. Have your scale model car pro built to your

2.Restore any 1/25th scale model car you may have,
vintage, or other type. I specialize in original issue cars,
MPC, AMT, JOHAN, and others.

3. I sometimes scratch build cars that were never  
produced in kit form, maybe from a promo, or a resin kit.

4. I will work with most resin kits. Creating different
styles, or models of a car. Example> making a Cutlass
into a Hurst Olds, or a hardtop into a sedan, etc.

5. Create figurines off photos or ideas you may have. I
usually reconfigure from different generic items, making
these all one of a kind unique pieces. Most figurines in
my gallery can be done for you also, every one being a
little different, as to not create duplicates.

6. I will help you locate kits or models, or parts for a
small finders fee. Example> bid on Ebay for you up to
your limit. Direct you to other sites " at no charge" that
may have what you want.

I pay close attention to detail, and strive to make my
work as realistic as possible. That goes for scale model
cars as well as figurines. There is a store on this site
where you can buy kits and other items. I build a lot of
cars for clients, as well as figurines. I put you in a order
of first come first serve. Time lines vary depending on the
project, but rest assured you will get the best I can give

These scale models and figurines are a very sound
investment, typically rising in value over time. I create
for clients from all parts of the world. Everything I do for
you is in complete confidence. When I receive explicit
photos for example for figurines, they are never posted or
shown to anyone else. I never name drop on any of my

I take progress pictures  of a project and send them as I
proceed. Many times I will do a build article of a certain
car or figure for this website. No names of clients are
ever mentioned. So there is a brief outline on my work.
See the links below to see some of these works. Write and
ask me anything, about anything. I am here to serve you.
Bookmark Gonzo's and come back often. Give me
feedback, ideas, a kick in the butt, or a kiss. You are a
stranger here only once.