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"Violet Blue"
This is the author, hard worker, Violet Blue. Not the flesh peddler porn star bimbo.
This is the first of a series of articles that will touch on mind channeling over long distances.
These will be on different subjects and people. Remember this is just my perception. This
should not be deemed as fact in any way shape or form.
It is no secret that Violet Blue has accomplished
more at her nubile age than most might in a life
time, and I doubt if she is anywhere near finished.
I could write page after page of her achievements,
but those are already very well documented.

Here is what I find. I see obvious beauty. Yet I am
not sure that Violet seen this early on. Rather she
may have thought at one time she was not pretty
at all. I see it in her eyes, they are stunning, but
there is a window of early doubt that shows. This
gives her eyes a street wise, alluring look, but they
are sprinkled with innocence from an earlier time.
This is an extremely positive trait, so much so,
that it tends to veil any hurt from a by gone time.

The cherub face is a direct link to the
supernatural. I am only speculating, as I don't
know her, but I would say she has a strong feeling
in that direction. This is only rare in that it is
profoundly pronounced. An example of this is the
change from the longer Cleopatra face, to the
round baby face. It is brought about from the
inner will to express ones self. That alone is a
priceless trait.

When you look at her lips sultry is obvious, but
only on the Cleopatra face. The others are that
returning innocent look, little cute, and sometimes
unintentional posed look. I find this in people that
strive to help others, and also a direct line to shy
sexuality. You feel drawn to her.

Body language is open at all times, shows
confidence, but also shows vulnerability.  There is
a push it to a certain limit appearance, but a clean
shyness as to when to hold back. This is always
seen in people with very high morals that are in
tune with themselves.

Eyes wide spread from the bridge of the nose. Not
only is this appealing, but it draws people to you.
The left eye scans first, this shows extreme
attention to detail, also shows spotless honesty. I
have no idea if she is left handed, but the
scanning trait is common in left handed people
that are detail oriented, but rare in right handed

Violet Blue, you are a wonderful specimen of a
person, you should be very proud of yourself. To
read all about Violet Blue and her many fine works
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