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This is an AMT 1959 Buick Invicta. Kit #
T-142 from the "Boondock" Bomber
series. issued 1969 This car was first
issued in 1959 as an annual in a
convertible as well as a hardtop. Also
issued in 1963 as a hardtop only, trophy
craftsman series.

I purchased this one with a broken fin,
missing a roof post, and other damage. It
was a complete restoration. I airbrushed
it in factory lacquer. The colors are Lido
Lavender and Arctic White., hand
rubbed, no clear coat. Fully detailed with
Bare Metal Foil. The grill took a lot of
time, blacking out around each little
square chrome piece.

Besides the Cadillac in 1959 the Buick
was the second runner in massive fins
and glitz. These were huge and laden
with tons of chrome. I remember as a kid
you could fit six people easily, and still
have room for gramma, plus put another
smaller car in the trunk.

This was the era when GM was making
everything look like a jet or rocket ship.
1959 was the banner year for this. It was
a trip just playing with all the knobs and
looking at all the chrome inside and out.
Even as a young boy we would smile
when we seen one these tanks, and
think what an ugly beast. Now I think
they are really quite elegant, I wish I had